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How to stop my hair from breaking

When trying to stop your hair from breaking, you need to make sure you use the correct hair care products to help stop the damage. In our Sexy Hair range, we have Strong Sexy Hair which has strengthening shampoo and conditioners. There is also a strengthening hair masque to be used when washing the hair to help build up the strength in the hair's cortex. This range also has a leave-in hair reconstructor to help repair and prevent breakage that has already happened to the hair.


Your diet can have a big impact on your hair too, so we would recommend eating plenty of vegetables as these can supply your hair and skin with the nutrients that they need to remain healthy and strong.


Hair dryers, heated rollers, straighteners and curling tongs can all be blamed for some hair breakage, so when styling your hair you should ensure that you use a heat protector. We have many ranges that are paraben free and help provide high-temperature protection to stop your hair from breaking.


Products To Stop Hair From Breaking

Sexy Hair Strong Shampoo, Sexy Hair Strong Conditioner, Sexy Hair Strong Masque & Sexy Hair Strong Re-Constructor

Tigi Elastic Strength Range

Matrix Full density Range

Sexy Hair Strong, shampoo to stop hair from breaking Sexy Hair Strong, conditioner to stop hair from breaking